LifeAGE® costs savings calculator

Estimation of operating cost savings after 10 years due to use of a system with LifeAGE® technology compared to UV system with standard magnetic power

LifeAGE® saving:

30 % electric energy due to Advanced Electric Power and due to Intelligent Operation System. We suppose average UV lamp lifetime of 6000 hours with magnetic power and 12 000 hours with LifeAGE® technology.

Standard magnetic power
UV with LifeAGE® technology
Savings with LifeAGE® technology
Number of UV lamps and services
UV lamps cost
Service cost
Electric energy cost
LifeAGE® technology saves you after 10 years
LifeAGE® technology saves you each year on average
UV lamps cost savings
Service cost savings
Electric energy savings
LifeAGE® protects our Earth - reduces your ecological footprint
Saving of black coal
kg (10 years)
Saving of your carbon footprint
kg CO2 (10 years)

Öko-Institut e.V. – Institute for Applied Ecology, Institut fur angewandte Ökologie Germany

U.S. Energy Inforamation Administration (EIA)

It can be produced c. 1.8 kWh electric energy from 1 kg black coal, carbon footprint (carbon dioxide emissions) is c. 1 kg CO2/kWh